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Welcome to my blog. I actually have two blogs - a personal blog and a professional blog. This is my professional blog. I'm a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) independent consultant. My consulting engagements are generally either software selection projects or CRM software implementation projects. I really enjoy both types of projects, working with interesting people and constant learning within this great industry.

Prior to enjoying my independent consulting career, I worked for a few VARs (value added resellers) and primarily implementing Siebel Systems, however, also implemented Onyx, Pivotal, Oracle, SAP and most recently two hosted CRM software solutions from and Aplicor.

I developed a few specialties during my career. I really enjoy implementing business process automation and business intelligence during a CRM implementation. With over 30 implementations under my belt, I've become well versed with change management, risk management and project management. I've done considerable work in the public sector and government, professional services, financial services, media and technology industries.


About Me

Here's a few things that might explain my thoughts, writing and opinions.

  • I make my livelihood helping clients select, implement and optimize CRM software. I love the industry and my job.

  • I consider myself well versed with project management. I'm a long time PMI member and regularly practice PMBOK.

  • I'm in to continuous learning. I read a few other CRM and ERP industry blogs most days, speak with a fairly active network of like professionals and attend several trade shows each year.

  • I occasionally do paid speaking engagements.

  • I'm a classic rock and roll junkie. I enjoy all types of music, however, get the most enjoyment from classic rock. My favorite bands are CCR, the Stones, Hendrix, Aerosmith and the Eagles.

  • I'm politically active, however, will not engage in politics in this blog.

  • I'm a long distance runner and have completed four marathons. I hope to qualify for the Boston marathon this year or next.

Thanks for reading my blog and I hope to gain your participation.


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The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.

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