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I'm Heading to DreamForce

I'm gearing up for my second San Francisco DreamForce trip. Please let me know if any friends or blog readers are also going and have time to catch up over a coffee or session.

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I didn't make it to saleforce's dreamforce. The only media write-ups i've seen so far talked about george lucas and force. Can you give me an update of the more substantive news and announcements I missed?

Posted by Andrew M on September 16, 2007


Sure Andrew. Excluding the extremely boring and completely non-relevant ramblings by George Lucas I think the three most emphasized and salient points having to do with on-demand software included 1) the new platform as a service, 2) Visualforce and 3) the growth of AppExchange. continues the move away from CRM as a point solution and toward the platform initiative brainchild of CEO Benioff.'s reach and extensibility now includes customers (not just partners) who desire to build and deploy their own hosted software solutions and last mile enhancements.

VisualForce is a great concept of letting developers create their own unique user interfaces. However, when you get beneath the covers, you see this is little more than simple HTML markup. I guess it meets the stated goal, however, is extremely crude and limiting and certainly will not meet the needs of many organizations.

AppExchange grew to 700 applications. While many of them are trivial point solutions, the list of enterprise offerings continues to grow and the ecosystem shows little sign of slowing down. Hope to see you there next year.

Posted by Hailey on September 16, 2007




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