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What ever happened to Onyx CRM?

I first implemented Onyx CRM in 1995. Onyx used to be one of my favorite customer relationship management software systems to work with. The CRM software system was flexible, feature rich and accommodated the three pillars of CRM (sales force automation, marketing and customer support) extraordinarily well.

Unfortunately, ever since the June 2006 acquisition by Consona (then called M2M Holdings or Made2Manage) Onyx seems to have fallen off the industry map. The acquisition actually caught me by surprise. I had briefly spoken to former CEO Janice Anderson just after Onyx had fought off an unsolicited acquisition offer from CDC software (who previously acquired Pivotal) and after the Oracle acquisition of Siebel Systems. Janice seemed intent on capitalizing on the much ballyhooed Oracle fear factor. During the long period where Siebel was the direct competitor in the enterprise software market, Onyx was unable to chip away at the 800 pound gorilla or to grow their own business. I believe at the time of the acquisition, Onyx actually held the lowest CRM software company valuation in the public markets (the only CRM software manufacturers with a valuation less than annual revenues). The Oracle acquisition, the departure of Tom Siebel, a questionable project Fusion and a long held customer suspicion of Oracle's true motives seem to provide the best chance for Onyx to leverage a good product and regain lost ground. Well it didn't happen, the company liquidated to M2M, the entire executive management team departed and the product's place in the market is not understood or recognized. I network with a fairly large circle of CRM professionals and none of us are aware of the Onyx vision, value proposition, R&D, upgrade path or future. More so, none of us have heard of any new Onyx engagements. The acquisition gives the appearance of taking a classic CRM software product and moving it to maintenance mode.

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